Canada Day Long Weekend


Highlights of Canada Day Long Weekend:

What happens you when get past the need to achieve things and get caught up in loving the process of living life? Your functional memory gets spotty due to the lack of repetitive malcontent whinning; a method which serves for more perminant records of mundane events.

There is just more to smile about.

Drifting about in this condition has put perforations in my head. I guess it’s time to give my porous nogin a shake and see what falls out. Stay tuned for newb self taught animations from Porous Nogin Productions.

…on with this post!

Photos of a the first warm weekend this summer – From fresh fish at the Salmon Festival in Steveston, to Canada Day celebrations – live music and fireworks at Harrison Springs, passing by a creepy rundown barn and finding a rocking chair stuck upsidedown inside, then to Cultus slides and the lake for a picnic.

B.Y. – Heart you for musing me and keeping me from floating away.